Facts About Applying Hair Color On Human Hair

The application of hair color started at the beginning of the 19th century. There are lots of specialists in applying hair color. People used natural hair color in previous times.

The appearance and looks provided by these natural colors are very common. The elevation of appearance by these natural agents is very normal.

People started to look for artificial colors to boost their personality. These artificial colors elevate the beauty of the person to an enormous level.

Researchers recently predicted that the extensive use of these artificial colors leads to cancer.

Risks of cancer exist in hair color

The recent researches show that the hair color is made with highly contagious chemicals. These chemicals are very reactive to the skin. They produce free radicals’ components on the skin on the head. These free radicals react to sunlight and produce cancer cells.

The possibility to get cancer from dying your hair depends on the rate of exposure. The frequency of using these dyes also increases the risk of cancer. The brightness of the color of the dye also included in the risk factors.

hair color

Possibility of lymphoma in permanent hair dyes

The permanent colors are pigmentation agents. These dyes place the artificial colors in the hair. The permanent hair colors are a mixture of hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, and coloring agents to induce colors.

The hydrogen peroxide imposes the pigment on the hair shaft opened by ammonia. The hydrogen peroxide is the oxidizing agent and goes through the chemical process to produce the coloring pigments.

This chemical reaction increases the risk of bone marrow cancer or lymphoma. Recent researches show that the presence of 4-ABP agents in any one of the components in the permanent color.

The coloring pigments in the hair color cause cancer, because of 4-ABP agents.

Effects of temporary dyes causes skin cancer

permanent hair dyesThe temporary hair color changes the color of hair for a shorter period. These temporary dyes are used in sprayers for instant effect.

These dyes only intrude till the hair root in the head. The coloring agents are strong chemicals that give results in a shorter period.

The presence of sensitive coloring agent in temporary hair dye increase risk of cancer cell mutation on the skin.

Final Words

The chemicals in the hair color will produce more side effects. The natural hair colors enrich the hair growth. The extensive usage of artificial hair colors will result in cancer. It is always safer to use natural hair colors.