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Significant Tips To Avoid That Make Eyes Look Smaller

Plenty of makeup hacks are available for creating a perfect cupid’s bow, to reshape the eyebrows and even for the eyes to look brighter and bigger.

More people in the world are approaching the beauticians to avail of the makeup. But there are some people who will put makeup on for them.

Whenever you are done by yourself, there may be a chance for any mistake to occur. And if the mistake occurs in the eye makeup, it will affect your face beauty. Let’s see the tips to avoid eye makeup mistakes.

Using too much of false lashes

The women will normally use the eyelashes, to make their eyes look bigger. But if you are adding too many false eyelashes, it will make your eyes look smaller.

You might have noticed that the models and the celebrities will not add more eyelashes. It will have an odd look in their face and affect the whole makeup.

It is recommended to use only a minimum number of eyelashes, in order to have bright eyes.

Skipping mascara, when the eyelashes are sparse

Some women are skipping the mascara when their eyelashes are sparse. This is one of the bad makeup habits that should be avoided among people. You should not skip the mascara if you are having sparse eyelashes.

This skipping will fail in makeup to make your eyes look big. So the women, who are not blessed with natural eyelashes, should not skip the mascara if their eyes lashes are sparse.



Applying the wrong eyeliner according to eye shape

More care and attention are needed when you are going to apply for the eye liner. This is because the wrong application will collapse the entire makeup. You should not make any mistakes, while you are applying the bottom eye liner.

The mistake in the bottom eyeliner makes eyes smaller. Choose the eye liner according to the eye shape.

Before you are going for any grand event or occasion, apply all the eye makeup the day before the event. This will act as a practice and you will not do with any mistakes.

Apart from this, if you have any dark circles, additional care is needed. The dark circles will also make the eyes have a look of a smaller one.

The above-mentioned are the makeup mistakes that should be avoided by the women, to make their eyes look smaller.