Is It Advisable To Use The Lemons For The Face On A Regular Basis?

Is it possible to use the lemons for faces? What are the side effects of using lemons every day? These are the common questions that will be running in the people’s minds, whenever they are approaching the dermatologist.

This is because; more people are using the lemons to remove the dark spots, pimples from their faces. It is recommended to put lemon on face without side effects.

Let’s see the information related to the usage of lemons for the face on a regular basis.

Lemon for pimples

There are so many ways of using lemon for skin daily that are suggested by the dermatologist. The doctors are suggesting the lemon to remove the pimples from the faces.

The lemon works well on the acne-prone and reduces the oil secretions of the face. It also has an effect on the pimple causing bacteria.

oily skin

But you should not apply the lemon directly to the pimples. This is because; it will have an immediate reaction and creates a bad irritation.

So before you are going to use the lemons for the skin, you have to apply the anti-acne medications or other harsh home remedies.

Lemon for the oily skin

If you are having oily skin, you can use lemon on face every day. The lemon is having the capability to remove the excess oils from your skin.

But you should not apply the lemon for the whole night in order to remove the excess oils from the face. The lemon application duration should be shorter and even for 5 to 10 minutes.

Once after you apply the lemon for 5 minutes, you have to wash your face. The persons, who all want to remove the excess oil from their faces, have to take this method on a regular basis.

Lemon for pigmentation

It is quite common that people are using lemons in order to reduce hyperpigmentation and aging. The hyperpigmentation will be the main reason for the formation of dark spots and age spots.

All these dark spots and age spots are removed with the help of pigmentation. You can use a lemon minimum of 15-20 minutes and then rinse the face for the good results.

Before going to use the lemon for the face, it is recommended to approach the dermatologist.

This is because; lemons are not working effectively for all people. It will produce irritations and allergies to some people. So once after you confirm with the dermatologist, you should use lemon for the face on a regular basis.