Natural Methods To Cure Pigmentary Disorder

Pigmentation is the small black patch in the skin. These black patches are formed by vitamin D. Vitamin D is an important attribute strengthening the immune system.

The antibodies of the immune system can withstand the germs using this vitamin D. The lack of vitamin D results in frequent attacks of diseases. There are various types of natural methods to increase vitamin D.

Relax the body under sunlight

The sunlight is the source of Vitamin D. The person with vitamin D deficiency has to spend considerable time under sunlight.

They have to use sunscreens to protect the skin. These people have to take bath in the early morning. Then he has to spend four hours under sunlight.

The sunlight provides vitamin D help with skin pigmentation and cleanses the impurities in the skin.

black patch in the skin

Take seafood in a regular diet

Vitamin d deficiency can be rectified by a diet that contains fatty acids. The fish is the main source of fatty acid. The seafood was also rich in vitamin D.

The crab and oyster are also rich in vitamin D. The seafood is included in the afternoon meal for an effective increase of vitamin –D.

This seafood is the rich source of skin pigmentation and vitamin D for an effective immune system.

Add mushrooms in the diet

The mushrooms are a rich source of vitamin D. The mushrooms should be included for a morning diet. The mushrooms are cost effective to use.

The naturally grown mushroom will provide larger benefits than artificial mushrooms. These mushrooms reduce vitamin d deficiency and skin pigmentation is increased. We can have lots of appetizing dishes using mushrooms.

Final words

Natural methods to increase Vitamin d are beneficial. The cost of medical treatment is very high to afford. The natural methods are a proven method to increase pigmentation. The usage of chemical medicines has lots of side effects.