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Method To Color The Hair With Natural Food Ingredient Color

The most important appealing part of the face is hair. Hair dyeing is an important process to reduce the age of the person.

There are several types of hair dye available in the market. Natural hair dye is the best way to color the hair.

These natural dyes are extracted from natural herbs and vegetables. Natural dyes are budget friendly and it is very safe for hair. The color remains in the hair for a long time.

Dyeing the hair with carrot juice

The person with dye hair with food coloring appears more attractive than others. Carrot juice gives the natural orange color to the hair.

The carrot juice will nourish the hair with necessary vitamins. This natural dye gives a deeper orange color than the temporary spray.

To make the three medium-sized carrots are mashed to the consistency of toothpaste. Then the mixture is added with coconut oil. Leave the mixture to marinate for certain times. Then we have to apply the color on the hair.

Application of beetroot juice as natural dye

The beetroot juice is used as food coloring in hair to give a stylish red look. The beetroot juice is used as wrap to the hair. This wrap will make the red color stick into the hair for a long time.

This beetroot juice dye will stimulate the blood circulation in the hair. The beetroot juice mixed with olive oil to get a consistency like paste.

Then this paste is wrapped in natural cloth and covers this wrap around the head till the color is extracted into the hair.

Using coffee as the natural color

Coffee is used to give natural black color to hair. This natural black hair is achieved by caffeine in the coffee.

natural color

The coffee hair dye is made using two tablespoons of coffee mixed with one cup of conditioner. Apply this mixture in the damp hair evenly and cover the hair with a shower cap.

Then we have to shower after the color is extracted. The persons using food coloring to dye hair prefer coffee than any other natural dye. The coffee hair dye stimulates the brain activity and it rejuvenates the body cells.

Final Words

Natural dyeing agents are skin-friendly. These dyes are cost effective to use. There is no need for special expertise to use these dyes.

These dyes will give a natural and enchanting look to the hair. There is no need to use special tools to apply these dyes.