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Way to make homemade brown hair dye

Coloring the hair with different shades of colors will show the attitude of the individuals. There are also light color shades.

The deep color shades are used by enthusiastic youngsters to attract people. The brown hair dye is widely used by all types of people. This brown hair dye is suited to all age groups.

A brown color dye can be easily prepared in the home with easily available ingredients.

Coffee based hair dye

The coffee had large benefits on the skin. Coffee is widely used to make homemade brown hair dye for effective results. The direct application of coffee powder will not give specified results. The addition of a hair conditioner will tone the hair for growth.

This coffee brown dye will have a good fragrance on the hair. Organic espresso coffee powder is a perfect choice. The coffee is blended with a conditioner in a cream-like consistency. Allow setting for 90 minutes then we can use this mixture as the dye.

Tea based hair dye

Black tea leaves are the best nourishing element for the hair. The black tea major ingredient in most of the DIY hair dye recipes to color the hair efficiently.

The tea leaves will change the color within 20 minutes. To start with a brew, the strong teas mix with organic hair conditioner.

Apply this paste on hair and wait for 10 minutes to dry. Repeat this process for every month for elegant brown hair.

brown hair

Cinnamon based hair dye

Cinnamon gives natural reddish-brown color. The cinnamon induces the cells for hair growth and prevents hair loss.

Cinnamon is the perfect choice for homemade hair dye for brown hair. Add the cinnamon paste to the conditioner. Apply to the hair and wait for 20 minutes to dry and wash the hair.

Final words

Brown is the most popular hair color. The homemade dye is chemical-free and skin-friendly. These homemade dyes are budget friendly to afford. The homemade dye will give the elegant look and lasts for longer durations.