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Homemade Foundations With Baby Powder And Coffee

Foundation forms the base of the makeup. The foundations completely change the appearance of the face of the person.

The foundation elevates the lip gloss, eyeliner, and eyeshadow in the face. The amount of foundation used on the face is very large.

The artificial foundations consist of lots of artificial polymers and it affects the skin. The natural and homemade foundations induce skin cell growth. The dark spots after the makeup removal are reduced by using these homemade foundations.

Homemade foundations using baby powder

The bay powder consists of mild chemicals. The natural extracts are the main component in the baby powder.

The rice bran powder produced from the mill waste of the rice is also a cleansing agent. The rice bran powder cleanses the skin of the face and cleans the pores in the face.

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The ores root powder is used in most of the homemade face powder foundation recipes. The orris root powder and rice powder are mixed form a base. This mixture is again mixed with baby powder and beauty clay.

Foundations using coffee powder

The coffee powder activates the cells in the face and drains the dirt in the face. The kaolin clay is used to absorb excess oil in the face.

It also cures rashes. Kaolin is the perfect combination to create a natural foundation with baby powder and coffee. The kaolin clay, baby powder, and coffee are mixed in equal proportion for the foundation.

Liquid Homemade Foundation

The liquid foundation is made using almond or apricot oil. The skin conditioner is also used to make foundation with baby powder and coffee for skin bleach. The two ingredients are mixed with almond oil to get a liquid foundation for the oily skin.

Final Words

The coffee and baby powder form nutritious ingredients to make the foundation. The homemade foundations are skin-friendly. These homemade foundations are easily marketed to run a small business.