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Recipes For Cost Effective Homemade Skin Whitening Soap

The whiter skin tone increases the confidence in people. There are lots of skincare products in the market which focuses on whiter skin.

The cost of a beauty skin care product is very high. There is also an extensive usage of chemicals in skincare products.

There is also special treatment in beauty spas for the whitening of the skin. The cost of skin whitening treatment in the beauty salon is also very high.

These salons use artificial whitening agents for this treatment. The homemade skin whitening soap is the safest method to get whiter skin.

Process of making milk and honey soap for skin whitening

homemade soapThe goat milk consists of better cholesterol than cow’s milk. The natural honey enriches the skin with natural vitamins. The process to make homemade soap for skin whitening using goat’s milk and honey is a simple process.

First, we have to prepare the goat’s milk base by freezing. Now the base is cut into some regular shapes. Now melt the base in the oven. Stir the base with a coloring agent. Sprinkle some drops of isopropyl alcohol in the mixture.

Now add the honey and stir well. Allow the mixture to solidify for 90 minutes. This soap can be used for more than 1 year, with locked up fragrances of honey.

Simple mint leaves soap for fresh skin

The mint leaves are natural purifying agents of the skin. The natural oils which hydrate the skin for effective blood flow.

This is a minimal ingredient recipe for making DIY soap for skin whitening at home. First, we have to mix clay and water.

Add essential oils like coconut or olive oil and again stir the mixture. The scents of lavender and palmaris are used for fragrance. Wait for 28 days to settle down and then add some dried flowers. The soap can be used now.

Pure coconut oil soap for glowing skin

The coconut oil exfoliates the skin and increases the glow of the skin. To begin the recipe use clay and water as a base for soap.

Add some sandal scents for the fragrance to the mixture and stir well. Allow to settle down for 90 minutes and we can use now. The county oil and sandal scents are natural ingredients to lighten skin.

Final words

The homemade soaps are easy to make. They are pocket friendly when compared to the normal soap. These soaps are skin-friendly and rich in aroma. These homemade soaps maintain the skin without wrinkles for longer days.